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Company profile

Date of incorporation 01/02/02
Website www.digitalnetwork.co.nz
Email info@digitalnetwork.co.nz
Tel 0800 682 538
Fax 64 3 351 6705
Address PO Box 25-129
Christchurch, 8053
New Zealand

Company overview

DigitalNetwork Limited is a privately held company based in New Zealand. We have offices in Auckland and Wellington, as well as clients and partners all over the world.


Our purpose:
To help small, medium-sized and large businesses to succeed, grow and achieve their true potential

Our business:
Providing services that make it possible for business owners and organisations to focus on their core business

Our values:
Excellence in client service, honesty and integrity in all dealings, and exceeding expectations

Company structure

DigitalNetwork has several divisions and related businesses, each focused on a particular area of expertise:

Division Activities

DigitalNetwork Hosting

Nucleus , Histyle


Technical support and call-centre


International domain registrations

Areas of expertise

Area Details

Technical support and call-centre

24/7 call-centre support for hosting

Web hosting

Linux, Windows ColdFusion, SQL, MySQL, PostgreSQL, content management, private-label plans and support

Email marketing advice and services Opt-in marketing, client mailing lists

Web promotion

Website reviews, search engine optimisation, reporting

For development work, we use customised versions of the Extreme Programming or Rational Unified Process methodologies. The choice of methodology depends on the complexity and other attributes of the project at hand. We use scoring tools to aid in the selection of the appropriate methodology and documentation requirements.

Quality assurance

We take quality very seriously, and have stringent quality assurance initiatives in place. We make extensive use of process documentation and workflow management tools to guide and track the completion of tasks in our organisation.


At DigitalNetwork, we have developed a reputation for taking confidentiality seriously. For many clients, we are an invisible partner, helping them to provide services to their clients transparently.


We are happy to establish relationships with businesses that would like to offer a complete range of technology solutions but do not have the required in-house expertise. By partnering with DigitalNetwork, you can focus on your core business while increasing your income.

We can work as a wholesale provider to your business, or we can pay you a percentage of revenue for each referred project. Please contact us if you would like to discuss these options.

Why DigitalNetwork?

As outlined above, we have a culture of excellence coupled with client service.

    This means that you can depend on us for:

  •  high quality
  •  cost-effective solutions
  •  confidentiality
  •  ongoing support
  •  robust and timely solutions